Pedestrians: habits to improve 

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Accident reports tend to show that pedestrians who were injured or killed on the road network did not comply with road signs and traffic signals, crossed the street from between two parked cars or were walking with the flow of traffic on the side of the road.
It has also been shown that the consequences of accidents for senior pedestrians are often serious or fatal because of their greater physiological vulnerability to impact and injury. 
- Here are some reminders about the main road safety rules that pedestrians should obey: 
>>> Always cross at intersections or other authorized areas (where there are appropriate signs, signals and pavement markings); 
>>> Obey traffic lights or any pedestrian lights at intersections;
 >>> Look to the left and to the right, then again to the left before crossing a street; 
>>> Use the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic; 
>>> To be clearly visible at night or on a day when there is little sunlight, wear lightcoloured clothing or clothing with reflective strips. Darkness is a pedestrian’s enemy. In fact, fall is the time when the highest number of pedestrian deaths occurs. 
Remember that motorists may have trouble seeing pedestrians because they are blinded by sunlight or the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. 
Increase your chances of being seen clearly by motorists by adopting predictable behaviour, complying with the Highway Safety Code and avoiding unnecessary risks (e.g. dodging between vehicles).
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