Parking rules 

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Parking  rules
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Park where it’s safe and legal. Signs, curb markings and common sense will tell you if you are allowed to park. You should park where you are not blocking traffic and where others can clearly see you. If you park where you shouldn’t, you could be a hazard to others, you could be fined or your vehicle could be towed.
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 It’s illegal to park: 
• on a sidewalk or boulevard 
• across the entrance to any driveway, back lane or intersection 
• within five metres of a fire hydrant (measured from the point at the curb beside the hydrant) 
• within six metres of a crosswalk or intersection
• within six metres of a stop sign or traffic light 
• within 15 metres of the nearest rail of a railway crossing 
• in a bicycle lane 
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• on a bridge or in a highway tunnel 
• where your vehicle obstructs the visibility of a traffic sign 
• where a traffic sign prohibits parking, or where the curb is painted yellow or red 
• in a space for people with disabilities unless you display a disabled person parking permit in your windshield and your vehicle is carrying a person with a disability. 
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Park parallel to and within 30 centimetres (one foot) of the curb. If you’re parked on a hill, turn the wheels to keep your vehicle from rolling into traffic. Turn the wheels:
 • to the right when uphill without a curb or downhill with or without a curb 
• to the left when uphill with a curb. Set the parking brake and leave the vehicle in gear: 
• leave an automatic transmission in “park” gear 
• with a standard transmission, place the vehicle in “reverse” if facing downhill, and “first” gear if facing uphill or if on a level surface.
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